Free Laptops

How do get a free laptop programs work? You may be sceptical about whether they work at all, but they do. However, they are designed to weed out everyone but the most determined people. The requirements for qualifying for these free laptops are very rigid and because you also must recruit others to help, it could require a lot more effort than you originally decide to expend.

The free laptop programs ask for you to participate in an offer. This means the company sponsoring the free laptop gets paid when you complete the offer. They are operating as an affiliate. Affiliates earn a fee each time a person subscribes for their service or buys their product. Each time someone completes one of these offers the sponsor is paid, but this one completed offer cannot pay for the laptop. So others who complete the offer also but fail to complete all the requirements are contributing to the paying for the laptop. The sponsor is in business, so they expect to make a profit, so the additional completed offers that fail to meet the requirements contribute to the profit margin.

This only step one of a free laptop program. They may require one, two or three completed offers. Sometimes more are required. The second step is outside the control of the original entrant. The entrant must ask others to complete the same number of offers. If 18 additional people complete three offers and the sponsor gets $10 for each completed offer, that’s an additional 18 x 10 x 3 which equals $540. Most entrants will quit the process before actually qualifying for the laptop. With an average rate of abandonment of 70%, most entrants get an average of 3 people to participate before quitting. That means 40% get 4 people to complete offers, resulting in a lot of people generating at least a $120 payday for the sponsor. The amount of money increases even more for people who drop out when they realize they must ask others to participate. Sixty percent complete the three offers and do not get anyone else to participate. That calculates to equal another $30 per person.

If you consider that thousands of people attempt to use these services. Sixty percent complete 3 offers and another forty percent complete 3 offers plus get as many as 4 people to complete 3 offers. A very small percentage of people actually completes the offers and have others complete the offers, qualifying for the free laptop. If you want to get a free laptop, you must be focused on winning and determined to meet the requirements despite the obstacles. It may take more than 18 friends to get 18 people to complete the offers. Make sure you have a minimum of three times as many people to assist with the requirements. Do not give up half way through, keep going and continue to pursue your requirements. Entrants have taken as much as one year to gather up all the requirements of these programs and still been awarded with a free laptop.